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Aegean Key is operating in the hotel business in Santorini.

A team of experts have united their forces to offer the hoteliers -not only of Santorini but all over Greece and the Mediterranean- their passion and expertise in order to praise the values of Greek hospitality. “Aegean Key” is a hotel management company based in Santorini which has come to make the dream of both the hoteliers and the travelers come true. With various hotels under its umbrella, “Aegean Key” works hand in hand with the hotel owner, so that they can together offer their guests the essential of vacation… An
authentic Greek Hospitality Experience. So, board on our dream and let us guide you through our secrets and goals.

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Hotel Information

I own a hotel and I need assistance with reservations.

You have contacted the right people to build the right foundations for your
reservations. We specifically use many IDS systems targeting not only to increase the hotel’s occupancy, but also to doing it without sacrificing average rates.

I have a new hotel and I need assistance with the management.

We particularly enjoy working with a hotelier from scratch. With huge experience in hotel management of 4* and 5* hotels, we will assist you in transforming your hotel in a profitable business without sacrificing any of the quality of your customer service.

Will there be someone to address to when needed?

The base of our services is the personal contact with both the hotelier and the
traveler. We strongly believe that interpersonal relationships are what help a
business transform from good to exceptional and a really successful one.

Are you operating only in Santorini?

Although Santorini is our base, we operate in many different locations
internationally. All the members of our team- having travelled and worked in various locations around the world- have the necessary skills and expertise to take on the management of any hotel or villa, no matter where it is.

Our Services

We offer top quality services for your Hotel

Hotel Management- in order to create a strong brand name for your hotel offering a full holiday experience to the travelers.

 Full, all year round sales and reservations management- handling OTAs, Travel Agents, signing contracts and promoting the hotel in Profitable Travel Markets.

 Consulting services concerning the overall operation of your hotel, including revenue management strategy and recruiting and training your personnel.

 Full operations management implementing quality standard operations and
procedures aimed at achieving not only high satisfaction levels for the guests but also growing the hotel’s REVPAR and GOPPAR.

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Call us on +30 6944723091 or e-mail us at: info@aegeankey.gr

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